Tuesday, December 3, 2013

True Team Description

Hey, guys, it's Brenton (True Kazoo), and I just wanted to introduce you guys to the page.

In case you couldn't tell, we are recruiting, and to join, you just have to shoot Austin (True V3) or I (True Kazoo) with a message.

Our clan is heavily oriented on Black Ops 2, and not Ghosts. (I can't stand Ghosts.)

We currently have 3 actual members and 5 members who we are waiting on to change their gamertag. (Yes, gamertag, NOT PSN ID!!!)

In Black Ops 2, I am currently a Master Prestige with Diamond SMGs, Shotguns, and Special Weapons. True V3 should be a Master Prestige but I kinda reset his stats. heuehuheheuheuheuheh

Anywho, feel free to message us on Xbox Live, we accept squeakers, BUT ONLY IF YOU'RE NOT ANNOYING!!!